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Delivery Systems

Lipoid offers a range of sophisticated delivery systems tailor-made for the oral and dermal delivery of active ingredients offering unique opportunities to the developers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietetic formulations.

Delivery Systems

Our Products
  • Transparent Emulsions
  • Liposomes
  • Liposomes Containing Skin Lipids
  • Emulsions
Our Brands
  • PhytoSolve®
  • LIPOID Liposome
  • LIPOID Cerasome
  • Ultraspheres®


Further Information
Due to their amphiphilic character, phospholipids are able to function as emulsifiers and membrane (bilayer) forming substances. In an aqueous environment, phospholipids spontaneously form spherical shaped membranes which enclose an aqueous volume. These vesicles are named liposomes. In emulsions the oil droplets are surrounded by a monolayer of phospholipid molecules.
Emulsions are excellent carriers of lipophilic active ingredients in pharmaceuticals for oral, topical or parenteral application, as well as in cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations.

PhytoSolve® is an innovative solubilization system based on phospholipids suitable for oral and topical applications in pharmaceutical, as well as in cosmetic and in food products.
These delivery systems with natural, only food-grade ingredients combine the benefits of improved solubility, i.e. the bioavailability of active ingredients with physiological safety, biological degradability and similarity to the body’s own substances.