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Ecology and Sustainability

The basis to found Lipoid in 1977 was to replace chemical products with natural products as this has always been ecologically sound.

Replacing chemical products with natural products allows us to:

  • save energy necessary for chemical production .
  • work with renewable raw materials
  • use all by-products
  • limit waste materials
  • avoid the use of toxic reagents
  • protect the health of our staff members and customers
  • protect the environment

Lecithin and phospholipids from Lipoid are

  • safe
  • biodegradable
  • similar to the phospholipids found in any cell of the human body
  • produced from natural raw materials

Our aim is to conduct all production processes to have low energy consumption and to avoid environmental pollution by recycling and reuse of solvents.

Some of our products are synthesized due to our customers’ demands. Hereby, when possible, we use natural substances as starting material; we use solvents sparingly and predominantly non-toxic solvents which are recycled and reused.

Environmental protection and sustainability has been our ultimate ambition since the beginning.

The principles of cost effectiveness and sustainability determine our strategy within all phases of the value chain.

Lipoid’s production processes are based on the 12 principles of Green Chemistry published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).