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Lipoid provides a range of high purity glycerophosphocholines. These are either available in powder form or as a highly concentrated aqueous solution.


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  • Glycerophosphocholine ≥ 50 %
  • Glycerophosphocholine ≥ 98 %
  • Glycerophosphocholine Liquid Aqueous Concentrate ≥ 80%
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Further Information
Glycerophosphocholine (GPC) is an important nutrient present in all body cells; but primarily in liver, brain and nerve tissue. GPC is a metabolic precursor of phospholipids. It is found in mother’s milk; which underscores the important role it plays in all vital functions.
In GPC, the lipophilic fatty acid part of the phospholipid is missing, which makes the molecule water-soluble and an easily to absorb source of choline, which can pass the blood-brain barrier. Choline is the precursor of acetylcholine, the key metabolite for all cholinergic processes in the body. Clinical studies with glycerophosphocholine described in the literature have shown its significance in improving in neurological brain functions and cognitive performance, like attention, memory support, recall and cognition.

Lipoid produces high purity GPC from natural plant phosphatidylcholine as a solid or as a highly concentrated aqueous solution suitable for use as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in oral or injection compatible medicines.
For nutritional supplements, GPC is offered in its solid form in tablets or in capsules and as concentrated liquid. It can also be incorporated as a water soluble nutritional ingredient, which tastes sweet, in foods such as energy bars and beverages.