Lipoid Lipoid Lipoid


The LIPOID brand comprises all lipid products that are tailor-made for parenteral pharmaceutical applications. Products sold to the dietetics industry are also marketed under this brand name.  


Our Products
  • Egg Phospholipids
  • Soybean Phospholipids
  • Hydrogenated Phospholipids
  • Synthetic Phospholipids
  • PEGylated Phospholipids
  • Cationic Phospholipid
  • Highly Purified Oils
  • Special Lipids
  • Lipid Emulsions
  • Liposomes
  • Mixed Micelles
  • Delivery Systems
  • Suspensions


The LIPOID Brand

All products are manufactured and controlled under cGMP conditions based on industrial standards.

They are suitable for:

  • lipid emulsions for parenteral nutrition or as drug carriers
  • suspensions
  • sprays and aerosols
  • delivery systems such as liposomes and mixed micelles

Phospholipids in dietetic applications serve as

  • bioavailability enhancer
  • phosphatidylcholine source
  • phosphatidylserine source