Pharmaceutical Industry

Lipoid is the worldwide leading manufacturer of lecithin fractions and phospholipids for the pharmaceutical industry.
All products are derived from highly controlled natural sources such as egg, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed. Lipoid offers a broad product portfolio of highly purified natural and synthetic phospholipids and specialty lipid products. Our products meet the highest standards and all relevant regulations of the pharmaceutical industry and are manufactured under GMP conditions on industrial scale.

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Applications
Phospholipids (PL) are amphiphilic molecules and are an integral part of the membrane of any living cell. They are indispensable to life and are involved in the metabolism and respiration of the cells. Due to their functional properties, phospholipids are ideal additives in pharmaceutical applications that offer excellent opportunities to the developers of pharmaceutical formulations.
Drug Delivery Systems

Phospholipids are ideal substances that offer excellent opportunities to the developers of pharmaceutical formulations. Drug delivery systems are one important application field.

Typical drug delivery systems are:

  • Liposomes – vesicles consisting of an aqueous core that is surrounded by a phospholipid-based bi-layer (membrane). Neutral liposomes are formulated with phosphatidylcholine (PC). Liposomes can be stabilized by combining PC with negatively charged phospholipids such as PA, PG, PS and PE, and positively charged by adding DOTAP. PEGylated phospholipids allow the formation of sterically stabilized and long circulating liposomes.
  • Emulsions – small spherical particles formed by one liquid in another liquid which is not miscible with the former. LIPOID, PHOSPHOLIPON® and PHOSAL® products are suitable emulsifiers in pharmaceuticals. PhytoSolve® is a nanoemulsion based on phospholipids that contains lipophilic actives (e.g. CoQ10, vitamin E, lutein) for oral or topical applications.
  • Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) – emulsion of a molten lipid that is solid at room temperature. Lipoid’s PHOSPHOLIPON® 85 G, 90 G, PHOSPHOLIPON® 80 H and 90 H are particularly recommended to prepare this drug delivery system.
  • Mixed Micelles – consisting of at least two molecule species in water; one species is a lipid and the other a surfactant. A number of Lipoid products such as LIPOID S grades are efficient mixed micelles builders and stabilizers.
  • Suspensions – homogeneously dispersed fine sized powder in a liquid. Lipoid recommends phosphatidylcholine products for the stabilization of suspensions.
  • Actives coated with phospholipids – e.g. co-spray drying, agglomeration of powders. LIPOID S 45 and LIPOID S 75 as well as the PHOSAL® grades are suitable products for this application.

The application of these systems makes it possible to impact on the release, absorption, bioavailability and efficacy of drug and vital substances.