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Lipoid offers a broad range of phosphatidylserine enriched lecithins. For pharmaceutical applications a synthetic phosphatidylserine product with high purity is available.  


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  • Non-GMO Phosphatidylserine
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Phosphatidylserine (PS) is of exceptional importance among the group of physiological phospholipids. It is found, first and foremost, in brain and nerve tissue and bound to key transportation proteins, in signal transmission complexes. It handles essential functions in conjunction with chemical transmitters, such as the

  • transfer of proteins into the cell membrane
  • activation of enzymes
  • stimulation of the glucose metabolism in the brain
  • release of neurotransmitters

The effects of PS have been documented in numerous clinical studies, which evidenced that this phospholipid is a significant nutrient for the brain and nerve cells. When phosphatidylserine was administered, memory functions, concentration, learning aptitude, and stress symptoms as well as the patients’ mood improved.
Non-GMO soybean lecithin is enriched in phosphatidylserine to PS concentrations of 20 to 70% through gentle production processes. These powder-like products offer a safe source of phosphatidylserine for use in dietary supplements (capsules) or for addition to foods such as snack bars or chocolate.
In addition, synthetic phosphatidylserine products are offered for pharmaceutical applications. 
Typical structure of soybean derived phosphatidylserine