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Lipoid’s PhytoSolve® brand designates a purely natural innovative solubilization system based on Non-GMO phospholipids. It accelerates the effect of active ingredients in various oral and dermal applications,  


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PhytoSolve® in Cosmetics and Pharma

PhytoSolve® is a brand comprising a sophisticated solubilization system based on phospholipids. The system works as a versatile medium that accelerates the effects of active ingredients and allows them to penetrate the skin upon dermal application. Highly concentrated solutions of polyols (e.g. glycerol, sorbitol) and phospholipds facilitate the dissolution of large quantity of lipids and form transparent to translucent emulsions of honey-like to gel-like consistency and with droplet sizes of less than 100 nm. A diverse range of numerous active lipophilic ingredients can be incorporated: vegetable oils, essential oils, mineral oils, vitamins, ceramides or oil soluble UV-filters and pharmaceutically active ingredients.
PhytoSolve® can be used directly without further processing in cosmetics, topical or oral pharmaceutical formulations. It can be easily incorporated into the following systems:

  • any kind of emulsion
  • gels
  • sun screen sprays with oil-soluble UV-filters
  • oral care products

PhytoSolve® as a natural delivery system combines excellent solubilizing function with physiological safeness, is well tolerated by the body and is also characterized by ecologically unobjectionable behavior.

PhytoSolve® is available as a variety of standard formulation as well as custom prepared in compliance with client specifications.

PhytoSolve® in Dietetics

PhytoSolve® works exclusively with natural ingredients. A great variety of lipophilic actives is suitable for this system whereby coenzyme Q10, Vitamins E, A, D, K, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein and phytosterols are the most well-known candidates in the dietetic area. Advantages of PhytoSolve® include:

  • PhytoSolve® is free of preservatives and self-preserving
  • PhytoSolve® is hydrophilic and can be mixed with water in any ratio
  • PhytoSolve® contains physiologically safe phospholipids and polyols of vegetable origin
  • PhytoSolve® will increase the bioavailability of poorly soluble nutrients
  • PhytoSolve® shows an outstanding stability

PhytoSolve® in dietetics can be used in different ways:

  • as a nutrient-enriched concentrate which is dissolved in beverages shortly before use
  • to enrich dairy products like milk or yoghurt with actives such as conenzyme Q10 or lutein
  • as a high caloric sports gel (more than 2000 kJ/100 g)

PhytoSolve® is tailor-made according to the customers specifications.