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Synthetic High-Purity Phospholipids

Lipoid`s broad portfolio of high purity synthetic phospholipids with defined fatty acid compositions brings additional value to the developers of pharmaceutical formulations. These products offer numerous opportunities for the development of tailor-made drug delivery systems.  

Synthetic High-Purity Phospholipids

Our Products
  • Phospholipids (PC, LPC, PG, PE, PS, PA)
  • PEGylated Phospholipids
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Lipoid manufactures a wide range of synthetic phospholipids that meet industrial standards in compliance with the cGMP requirements and environmentally sound process management.

The product range encompasses:

  • Phosphatidylcholines (e.g. DLPC, DMPC, DPPC, DSPC, DOPC, POPC)
  • Lysophosphatidylcholines
  • Phosphatidylglycerols (e.g. DMPG-Na, DPPG-Na, DSPG-Na, DOPG-Na, POPG-NH444, other salts are available on request)
  • Phosphatidylethanolamines (e.g. DMPE, DPPE, DSPE, DOPE)
  • Phosphatidylserines (e.g. DOPS-Na, other salts are available on request)
  • Phosphatidic Acids (e.g. DPPA-Na, DSPA-Na, other salts are available on request)
  • PEGylated Phospholipids (e.g. MPEG-2000-DSPE, MPEG-5000-DPPE)

Synthetic phospholipids are used primarily for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, such as drug delivery systems for parenteral application. They are produced and controlled in compliance with the most stringent cGMP criteria.
Structure of MPEG-2000-DSPE

Structure of MPEG-2000-DSPE